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Yoshi is a green dinosaur, who debuted in Super Mario World, in 1990, where actor Chris Warren Jr. as Zeke Baylor was found born. He is from Cornwall, Ontario, in eastern Ontario. In the Canada 2011 Census, both Cornwall green dinosaur Yoshi and Pembroke arm wrestler/Wipeout Canada reality star Allen Ford ranked 102 at the same time and they are both male characters as participants and they are not female characters as participants, on Canada's Total Population of Cities and the Census Metropolitan Areas and Agglomerations by population in Canada. Yoshi was eliminated first and Allen Ford was eliminated second on the series of Canadian cities and towns by order of operation.

The difference between both male contestants Yoshi and Allen Ford is that he's a Pembroke person and Yoshi is a Cornwall character. They are both eliminated from the Canadian census in 2011.


  • During the Canada 2011 Census, both males Allen Ford and Yoshi failed the top 100.
  • For the first time Birdo did not came in first place, narrowly losing out to Yoshi & Allen.
  • In Arm Melter 14, Yoshi says "That the four is backwards, so Nicky Sapera and Evan Cundal can change it".


Yoshi mostly lives. He lives in Cornwall, Ontario.


  • Yoshi batting
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  • 45,945, 20 less than Yoshi's population, ranked 100, 45,965
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