Brockville Toadette
Toadette from Brockville's artwork for the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada




Brockville, Ontario



Toadette (born January 10, 1972) is a Mario character who debuted in a Mario Kart game, Mario Kart: Double Dash for the Nintendo GameCube. She is also the female Toad, and the male Toad lives in Belleville, Ontario, where Arm Melter takes place. Also her hometown has the armwrestling ribfest, it happens in August each year, just way before Pembroke native Allen Ford has a date of birth. Toadette, along with Yoshi and Kelsi Nielsen had dropped down the top 100 in Canada Census 2011, Toadette ranked #101 on the population centers, and both Yoshi and Kelsi Nielsen ranked #102 at the same time. In Arm Melter history, Toadette has the most wins at Arm Melter in Belleville by Arm Melter history than Pembroke native Allen Ford and Quebec native Chris Gobby. Toadette will appear in Arm Melter 15. Toadette placed 75th.


Toadette first appeared on Canada's Top 100 when Canada's 100 largest metropolitan areas was created. Toadette lost to the three Pembroke contestants by eight seconds. Toadette is also going to ask The Grippler and Yoshi to get the Arm Wars setting, but Toadette talked to Allen Ford during the Toad Scene at the middle. Toadette was originally going to be on Canada's Short Places, but both Allen Ford and Toadette both injured at the same time.

Toadette is featured on the album Metropolitan Areas: The 100 Largest. She appears on all albums, after all the 100 largest participants.

Toadette is one of the chosen Ontario contestants from Wipeout Canada to get fired on The Apprentice, behind Princess Daisy and Avril Lavigne.