Toad (Mario)
Toad Metropolitan
Toad's artwork for the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada



First Appearance

Super Mario Bros. (1985)





Toad is a toad who debuted in Super Mario Brothers, in 1985. He lives in where Arm Melter events take place, Belleville, Ontario. Toad mostly has 23,195 in bucks, ranking him 100, the rank Kelsi Nielsen of Pembroke, Ontario ranks. Toad has a sister called Toadette, who lives in Brockville, Ontario. Toad also has 34 dumpy towns in Ontario, which he has 50 less than Nicky Sapera, Evan Cundal, Kelsi Nielsen and Allen Ford from Pembroke's total, of 84, the number of contestants chosen to be on Wipeout Canada. He also has a singer named Avril Lavigne, who was born September 27, 1984 in Belleville, Ontario and moved to Ryan Evans' stop of Greater Napanee, Ontario. He is also owned Canada's 200 Largest Metros champion. He won first place, Toadette from Brockville is in second place and Allen Ford from Pembroke is in third, all from the province of Ontario.


Toad first appeared in a Super Mario Brothers video game for the NES, he is one of the two characters chosen to be participants, behind Princess Peach. Toad's sister debuted in Mario Kart: Double Dash, which is a Mario Kart racing game for the Nintendo GameCube. Toad is also featured in a Wipeout Canada episode called Episode 7: Chocolate Thunder. He is only seen when the part Allen Ford armwrestles.


Toad appears in Canada's 100 largest places until 2016, 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada and Canada's Population Centres.