Princess Peach
Peach MSS
Peach in the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada


Mostly Pembroke, Ontario, Petawawa, Ontario




100, 127

Favorite arm wrestlers

Allen Ford, The Grippler, Nicola Gazzetto

Least favorite arm wrestlers

Chris Gobby and John Milne

Princess Peach Toadstool is a princess that is best known for appearing on the Sporcle game the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada. She is a technique arm wrestler, and has 3 wins and 1 loss on Birdo at Arm Melter 14. She is voiced by Samantha Kelly.


Princess Peach is in the video games for over 20 years, since 1985. She got kidnapped by Pembroke's Allen Ford and Kelsi Nielsen in the episode "The Armwrestling Discussion". Princess Peach also sent The Grippler to the hospital, but Princess Peach says "he is alive". She has been appearing in video games since way after Sudbury's own Tessa Bonhomme and Petawawa's own actress Ashley Tisdale has been as a baby, when both girls are about zero.


Due to The Grippler's illness and sickness for the 2009 Canadian Armwrestling Championships, Princess Peach replaced The Grippler in the Men's 221+lbs and she got a large trophy, but was not sent to the Women's Classes in the sport armwrestling. She also appears on the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada on Sporcle as a trivia game. But on Sporcle, she lost to both Jessica Phillips and Toadette, by 23 seconds and missed Kelsi's stop, Pembroke, Ontario. Princess Peach is on the Birdo Bus. She sits in the second seat, with her partner Princess Daisy. She sits behind Yoshi and Birdo in the front, and Allen Ford and Kelsi Nielsen in the third seat.

Peach was originally going to die, but she stays alive.