Princess Daisy
Daisy 2.0
Daisy's artwork for the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada




Pembroke, Petawawa


100, 127



Absent for

Two episodes of the same show of the game

Present for

Most episodes

Princess Daisy is a Super Mario character and princess who debuted in Super Mario Land, in 1989. Princess Daisy can be unlocked in the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada by playing Party Mode using characters from either Gwen Wright, Allen Ford or Toadette, Gwen Wright is from B.C. and both Allen Ford and Toadette are both from Ontario. She was not chosen to be on Toad's challenge, called the Wipeout Ball. Daisy was eliminated from every Wipeout Canada episode during the Dizzy Dummy round.


Princess Daisy cried to Brockville native Toadette on August 24, 2011, just when Wipeout Canada star and arm wrestler Allen Ford turned 35, on his date of birth and Yoshi from Cornwall was unable to make it to his place of birth, Pembroke.

Daisy disagrees with Toadette that Arm Melter is in Brockville and Daisy agrees it's in Belleville.