Ontario is Canada's most populous province. Both Koopa Troopa and Koopa Paratroopa live in the province.


  • "Even boring than the day I say!" (Allen Ford, ranked 100th)
  • "Oh, yum!" (Yoshi, ranked 55th)
  • "Hi, hi!" (Toadette, ranked 75th)
  • "Wha-ha-ha-ha! Pembroke has no contestants!" (Kelsi, ranked 100th)
  • "Leave!" (Nicky Sapera and Evan Cundal, as they run away from Kelsi)

Pembroke, Ontario (in last place)Edit


Episode ContestantsEdit

Contestants who did not advanceEdit

The following contestants did not advance to the top 100:

Contestants on the top 100Edit

Toadsworth Brawl
All the Wipeout Canadians had to do a chat with at least Pikalin38 or a contestant from the 84 Ontarians. Mostly Wipeout Canada is a show and Wipeout Canada features the following males and female contestants from Ontario who did advance to the top 100: