Episode 7: Chocolate Thunder is an episode of Wipeout Canada from season one.



  • While Gabriella Montez of Arnprior, Ontario said the contestant who is ranked 100 is boring.
  • This is the last episode Gabriella Montez will be present in Wipeout Canada.
  • This episode marks the second time that the census agglomeration of Pembroke has featured contestants.
  • Allen Ford is also a coach in the game 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada by placing last place along with Nicky Sapera and Evan Cundal, and they say "I like finding nothing".

2001 CensusEdit

All Wipeout ContestantsEdit

Because of the top 100 in 2001, the total was 14.

2006 CensusEdit


Because of the top 100 in 2006, the total is 15. Also Allen Ford is new to the top 100 because of Quesnel's huge decrease and he went a place higher.