Birdo MP9
Birdo's artwork from 2012 (Mario Party 9). Also her artwork for the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada



First Appearance

Super Mario Bros. 2


National Capital Region (Ottawa)

Birdo is a dinosaur who debuted in Super Mario Bros. 2. Along with Jessica Phillips, Ennis Esmer and Jonathan Torrens, all from Wipeout Canada, Birdo is the fourth slowest character on the character roster on the Smash Metropolitan Areas video game, like Super Smash Brothers. Birdo got kidnapped on the Cities with most NHL players on Sporcle, being in second place, behind Wipeout Canada star Brooke DeBacker, from Leamington.

Video Game AppearanceEdit

Birdo is an unlockable character in the game. She may be unlocked in Story Mode in the Toad Arena, also Gwen Wright, Crystal Grierson, Yoshi, Toad, Toadsworth, Brian Guy and Chad Danforth are in the same place as the Mario character Birdo, and they are unlockable characters by using all Pembroke contestants. She is found in where the starter characters, all from Pembroke, live in Ontario. Her partner is the only Cornwall native, the green dinosaur Yoshi.

Birdo is also featured on the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada video game, she and all other participants who placed higher than Allen Ford can be unlocked.

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Sporcle AppearanceEdit

Due to Petawawa's Sharpay Evans not appearing in the game and not making it to the top 100, Birdo replaced Sharpay Evans and Ryan Evans, and she appears on the Sporcle game. Birdo is also featured on Ontario's 100 largest places (Canada 2011 Census), Birdo placed 2nd. She and Sharpay Evans both replaced Wipeout Canada reality star Allen Ford because he is not big enough to make it, also about less than 10 contestants.

Birdo was chosen by Pikalin38 by the public vote to arm wrestle at Arm Wars in Las Vegas, United States in 2012 over Ron Langton and Ryan Buller, both from the province of Ontario. Birdo is also featured in an episode of Canada's 200 Largest Metros called "The 100th Largest Metropolitan Area" and all her episode appearances.


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