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The 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada is a Nintendo video game hosted by Pembroke (Laurentian Valley).

Also Pembroke hosted the Toad Program on the Pembroke, Ontario article on the Canada Wiki. Because of Kelsi Nielsen's absence, the three Pembroke, Ontario contestants will be doing Story Mode, Party Mode, Free Play (Minigame Mode), Extras Mode, and Wipeout Museum.

Gallery (Playable Characters)Edit

Starting SongsEdit

You three may start with Fabulous or I Want It All, from High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Playable CharactersEdit

There are three playable characters from the start, all from Pembroke. They can be only playable in the Story Mode:

Unlockable CharactersEdit

These characters are unlockable, by playing Story Mode.